elfab is  a global manufacturer of rupture discs, explosion vents and associated detection systems. elfab’s intelligent pressure relief systems protect people, plant, processes and the environment across the globe. With some of the most technically advanced products on the market elfab delivers unique design, testing and consultancy services for pressure management.

Rupture disk:

Elfab manufacturers a wide variety of rupture discs (bursting discs), all of which offer some of the highest-performance

specifications on the market and are suitable for a wide range of application & industries.they are as bellow :

1) BPRVs





6)Two Way

7)Rail Car

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Rupture Disk Plug (OEM)

Elfab's expertise in developing custom engineered solutions and OEM plugs has been applied to a diverse range of industries. Working to the highest possible standards our unique design for manufacture approach allows us to tailor our products to meet the requirements of individual projects. Elfab has built up significant experience in the design and manufacture of OEM plugs, unions and many other small disc assemblies. This includes electron beam welded discs, capped discs, colour coded, swaged and printed units in a variety of dimensions. We have created an in-depth comparison table to make it easier for companies to find the right OEM plugs for their industries. Alternatively, peruse the entire collections of customised OEM products and rupture disc plugs below.  

1)Customised Products OEM   

2)Rupture Disk Plugs 






8)Extruder Rupture Disk (ERD)

9)Pressure Activaion Devices (PAD)

10)Ultra OP

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Explosion Vent

Elfab manufactures full opening, non-fragmenting explosion venting systems in an extensive range of sizes, shapes and designs. Dependent on the specific application, this includes both single and multi-layer setups, as well as flat and domed constructions. Explosion vents are used by a number of industries in order to protect against the hazards of dust explosions within silos and bucket elevators. Browse our entire collection below to find the ideal explosion venting system for you using our handy comparison table. Alternatively contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

1)Single Skinned -Flat 

2)Single Skinned- Domed 


4)Multi layered- Flat

5)Multi Layered- Domed




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Tank Protection

Elfab supply an extensive range of products for the Tank Protection industry including industry-leading deflagration-proof, detonation-proof and endurance burning designs. Combining innovative, patented designs with vast market knowledge, Elfab's latest generation of flame arresters and breather valves are used to eliminate safety critical issues, offering significant cost and performance advantages. Please browse our entire collection specifically designed in aid of the Tank Protection market. Any questions, please contact us to discuss in more detail    with one of our technical sales representatives. 

1)Flame Arresters

2)Breather Valves

3)Emergency Vents

4)Gauge Hatches

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Accessories & Detection

Elfab manufactures a number of rupture disc (bursting disc) holders and accessories which will ensure the correct performance of our rupture disc range. Our rupture disc holders will enhance the capability of rupture discs once they are easily fitted between flanges, while the Test-Tel tool will cut the risk of rupture discs being poorly fitted around a workplace. Read more about our pressure relief device holders and accessories below or study our easy-to-read comparison table to find the perfect item for your requirements. 

1)Rupture Disk Holder 

2)Burst Detection 

3)Wireless Detection 

3)Installation Tools

4)Valve Protection 

5)Pipe Cover


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Bernat as a sole agancy of Elfab can provide the demand of clients in Iraq region and other countries.