All pump models due to high precision injection need to be monitored and controlled. Accessories are one of the essential item.    The most common accessories purchased with pumps are as follows :

  • Foot valve
  • Injection valve
  • Back pressure valve
  • Relief valve
  • Pulsation dampener
  • Calibration Pot
  • Flow meter
  • Other valves

To function properly, pump accessories must be matched to the pump and system.for best choosing some factors should be considered as bellow:

1) viscosity                                         3) flow rate                                   5) system geometry                             7) particulate

2)specific gravity                                 4) pressure                                   6) temprature

Considering importance of ancillary equipment for chemical injection pumps, Bernat company as the exclusive sales and after-sales service representative of Germany’s ASV-Stubbe and Matek Companies and also Italy’s Doseuro,Fox and Technical attempted to provide consulting, design and supply of Process System’s necessary equipment.