Polyelectrolyte preparation package

As polymer have large molecular structures, they are very applicable in various industries;

such as water and wastewater treatment. most polymer are often in form of powder and for usage shall be reformed solution.

Bernat , for making this solution have designed automatic system continuous preparation and dosing of dry polymer.

Polyelectrolyte preparation package are capable producing adjustable concentration between 0.1% -0.5% .

Injection systems and polymer preparation is classified into two categories:

  • Packages for preparation and dissolution of the polymer (polyelectrolyte) both manual and automatic.
  • Dilution packages of polymer (polyelectrolyte) both manual and automatic

Systems for preparation and dilution of the polymer produced by Bernat co,

according to demand of employer from Stainless steel 316L, Stainless steel 304L,

Stainless steel 316, Stainless steel 304, PVC, PP and HDPE. Also Packages control system using the relay,

microcontroller or PLC can be supplied.

Bernat as professional manufacturer of polyelectrolyte  packages can provide the demand of client in Iraq region and other countries.